Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slick Rick - Hey Young World

"Go for yours, cus dreams become true"

Hey Young World by Slick Rick on Grooveshark

crazy how many songs sample this song like TLC-creep, Beyonce - We like to party and many others. 

pure message x vintage/original slick rick flow x dope ass beat = great song

Keri Hilson.....


Friday, March 30, 2012

back to reality

This past week has been sort of reality chck for me, from getting estimates for the clothing line, finding out how long ill be in college until i graduate and being in envy of people my age and younger already doing big things and living out there dreams while having hella a lot of fun while doing it. All those things put me in a slump, i wasnt on no depressed type shit but more of the fact that i just started to worry bout stuff i usually don't worry about. Because if you know me, you know I'm probably the most carefree person there is. i always feel like things will fall into place if you work hard for it and if you start stressing over the "what if's" then thats when you start losing sight of your goals.

I'm off that though, just a matter of time till things start to progress..swag

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

get it, get it, go!

Check out my bros Lil Mike (polo hat) and Big Mike (jordan back pack) wilding during UNT's Greek Takeover. Seeing them having so much fun Makes me realize how much "college fun" i miss out on while being at MSU :/

that dance Big Mike does is one of the funniest things to witness on this planet, pure foolery/ hilarity 

miss my dawgs 

picture via. Morgarruya 

A Bathing Ape x Comme Des Garcons PLAY

Jealous of any one who has copped 


3D Design Project #3 : Metamorphosis

Alright, for this project my teacher wants us to take two things and show a metamorphosis process between the two things (5 models in total). They could be pretty much anything you want.
Ex. in my class theres somebody doing a dragon fly into a dragon, a hand into a bird, a mouse into a computer mouse and lots of others. The only rule for the project was that you cant use something that somebody already created 


i made that face because i wanted to Turn the Nike Air Mag shoe into the Kanye West x Takashi Murakami bear, shit would've been so dope! but my professor insisted that instead of using the bear come up with my own character based on Murakami's style , so i did and I'm basically gonna do a Dinosaur....swag

so basically it would've turned


but instead I'm turning 

into  (almost finished with this model)

I'm trying to keep everything i do related to D&H

how swag am i?

Liiiiiiive!! probably an understatement

this and many other performances i missed at SXSW

i can just imagine how ridiculous it got when that bass dropped, lawwd

i gotta make it to Austin next year 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

s/o to my brotha Ryan copped these from him for nice cheap price

now (with the exception of the Doenbachers and ugly ass stealths ) i all the 3s that dropped last year :}

Mac Miller "Macadelic" (Mixtape)

"Im like the beetles to these young kids...but sometimes i feel like I'm a needle to these young kids"

My favorite Mac Miller track of all time is Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza. this mix tape might as well be called Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza  cus thats the vibe i get from it CHILL. If your a Mac Miller fan you'll love this tape, if you never listened you should  be able to jam to it and if you don't fuck with Mac's music and you listen to his mix tape and you still not fucking with it, i just think you stuck on hating or its just not your type of sound., I've been jamming this shit since i downloaded it and its doesn't look like its gonna get old.


probably Mac Millers best project he's put out so far

personal favorite track is "Fight The Feeling" shit puts me in a trance, i swear

and if you cant jam to Alien Fighting Robots, your sick

didn't see the lil wayne feature coming, but nice ass song.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Saturday, March 17, 2012

i look forward to sleeping at night just i can dream about all the baller shit that ima be doin once i get on.


Friday, March 16, 2012


and i have nothing to blog about -__- lol, this spring break sucks sooo much ass thats its gonna catch gonorrhea of the mouth, shits sad. If i was smart i would've took my ass to SXSW but I'm a lame. Ive literally been sleeping my life away. basically worse spring break EVER ...


beats being at Midwestern State University  *shrugs*

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Original Fake.

been up since yesterday morning...Goodnight.

slow progress

its aiite so far, would be better if i didn't have to rush....

i got 3 drawings to due by wednesday and my art teacher barely gave us time to finish. At first i thought it was jut me behind but it turns out pretty much the whole class (including the over achievers) are only on their 2nd drawing....and I'm not even done... smh

Big K.R.I.T. - 4 Eva N A Day

I'm late please don't stone me..

but yuh I've heard K.R.I.T. loooong while ago, but for some reason (just like Kendrick Lamar) i couldn't really get into him. But things have changed, i downloaded and gave his mix tape a good listen (bumping it the whole time while I'm working on my art project) and yuh....the nigga jams. The thing i like most about K.R.I.T. is his Authentic southern hospitality he spits on the tracks. Like J.coles is from the south too but its pretty evident that he's more influenced by an up north rapping style, KRIT on the other hand is a down south nigga from his obvious country grammar to his beats to his flows. The dude can spit, and gives you sorta  UGK Pimp C x Outcast Big Boi feel, but at the same time making it into his own thing. Though all of you probably already know this. Btw, long story short I'm bout to download his other projects cus BK has a new fan in me

(sidenote) "4 eva N a Day " is my favorite track

even though you probably already downloaded it heres the link again

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fohakish x Chinkie eyed mornings

not only do my eyes refuse to open in the mornings, but my hair takes a fohawkish appearance...

shits ugly.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charlie Chaplin (feat. Phil Ade', GLC, Thurz; ) [Prod. Blended Babies] by Asher Roth feat. Phil Ade', GLC, Thurz on Grooveshark

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ask me a question or two.....or five. .....Formspring

fly with me on Twitter: @TuHundreds

make comments n shit.... 

Haters Gonna Hate

just in case you didn't get it the first time

let me reiterate it once more

fareal doe 

Shoe stringless

i usually take good care of my shoes, but sometimes i just absent mindedly do stupid shit

my shoe laces got a bit dirty so i washed them with my clothes and also dried them with my clohtes and they came out looking like a shriveled, twisted, disfigured umbilical cord

i'm an idiot. 

Johnny St. Cloud - Heatwave

gonna be jamming TF out of this during the summer time

Heatwave by Johnny St. Cloud on Grooveshark

Red Hong's Coffee Stain Portrait of Jay Chou

it would've been amazing if she would made a regular picture with coffee stains, but the fact that she did a portrait with details and shadows....



I usually wake up to random texts from random people in the morning, but seeing how i have no phone I'm starting to wake up to random fb/ twitter messages.

lol. shit.

Im phone less now :/,
but on the flip side i have a iPhone 4 :D 
but flip that side a bit to the right and you'll see that i need to get it jailbroken -__-
now flip it back slightly to the left then you'll see i have a camera to take pictures of shit :}

so heres project two of my Drawing 2 class. 

basically my art teacher has all the girls in the class drawing ken dolls and the guys are drawing barbies, we split the barbies and kens into 3 parts: top, middle and bottom. So the end result will be basically the best drawings of the parts put together to make one full body but with different barbies/ kens. I.E its gonna be like a ballerina top x naked middle x black legs...if all that makes any sense.

still got a lot of work to do..and if you think this is nice, you aint seen shit, the girls are shitting on us guys with there drawings, ima try to take pictures next class 

Friday, March 2, 2012


Taylor Swift

read the clothing descriptions CLOSELY

shits dope 

RIP to foamposite's

In the sneaker world right now, its definitely the foam period. Everybody wants a pair of foams, niggas will go out there way and cop a fake pair, thats how you know its bad. 

lets thank Nike for limiting the fuck out of these shoes, all the footlocker managers that held a pair(s) for themselves and the random ass niggas who don't even fuck with foams for the galaxy's being sold for thousands of dollars (when shouldn't cost that much at all) foams in general being boosted in price (cough drops going for 250 +) and for fake foams saturating ebay  

idiots who obviously don't understand the value of these shoes

idiots who REALLY doesnt  know the value of these shoes and  probably stole the shoes from somebody

Idiots selling fake shoes x idiots bidding on fake shoes

more idiots selling and bidding of fake foams

i still love foams regardless of the hype, but this is definitely making me think twice before purchasing another pair. 

i  can mind hyped up stuff, but i just hate OVERLY hyped up shit