Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm new to this blogging ish and I'm still trying to figure out if my life is even interesting enough to blog about, especially seeing that i currently attend school in wichita falls ( Midwestern State University ) boring school + boring town = Suicidal thoughts. but off that, my names ismail Shittu ( yes theres a curse word in my last name ), friends call me TuTu, you can call me Tu. I was born in Forth Worth, Tx and raised in Arlington, Tx. I can sum um my persona as Goofy, Sarcastic, Goofy, Creative, Modest, Vulgar, Rude (in a good way), and Goofy. the 100's above every other line out, sneaker head tho i really only have like 30 pairs?,Kanye West is the best rapper alive....i will argue all day bout that subject. i got a group of close friends that i refer to as E.T.C and i already know the woman who i will be marrying in the future...seriously. So yeah ill just blog about random shit music, fashion, art and stuff that pertains to me and my mediocre life and it will hopefully be the same blog i use to promote my future clothing line (which i hope to start sooon).. so yeah..

oh yeah, I'm Nigerian * fist pump *

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