Saturday, December 31, 2011

Banksy's "Fallen" Statue

chinkie eyed mornings

woke up with my mac on my lap...

then began thanking god repeatedly for not letting me drop it in my sleep.

Friday, December 30, 2011


'm standing in the mirror...
Shadow boxing...

kicking ass....

And I thought, how laughable the macho version of me...
But could I be?
It takes guts and a reason...or is innate?
Is it simply in man's nature to fight and show his colors of heart...the scars of experience?
Things he does not like...
so he...

One man once said,"war is not the answer"..
But those of us born to this world, ambitious with the taste of change may not always understand the social methods of the same.
Instead, we seek and cure our curiosities with sharing our views by any means of a vessel;expression.

We believe Art is the alteration of existence and that which provokes thought.

So, in reference to Marvin Gayes brilliant question, I asked myself, "what was the question?"...when my thought was met with a silence that was so thick it could be cut, it made me ask myself this.....

-"Then what must it be like to be young and serve?"..."What if you couldn't pay your tuition?"..."What if it is simply family tradition?".."What if you thought it was the right thing to do?"...

Wow, to sit in the seats of our youth (as well as others)...fighting for a series of reasons most of which can be argued and debated but being young and having your own reason?...
To wake up and make up your mind that you've found a reason to stand amongst the brave where loss at least on some levels are inevitable, even if it's just time..

The only answer is that which is square.
"Intention" divided by "behavior" which is then divided by "reality" should equal to one's truth.
Yes, our government,too,should exercise this regularly..
If we would spend "love" and "time" like we do "money", we'd never go broke...

But then again who am I trying to fool or what am I trying to fix?

I'm just a guy in the mirror trying to imagine what it must feel like to be young....headed into war...

I'm sorry, how rude of me...
I've left you standing...

I'm sorry, please do...

Have a seat.


"That aint no damn puppy!!"

i die everytime i watch this episode, ma gaawwwd.

This song pretty much describes my life during my younger years.

Shades (Feat. Chrisette Michele) by Wale on Grooveshark

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pursuing a passion.

Last sunday i was with a friend on the way to party and we was just talkin and reminiscing bout high school shit and we're bringing up random people like "what happened with him" and what is so and so doing now. i asked him about this girl on who i like to call the "Low-Key Queen" and he was like "just talk to her shes a music major, she's already giving private lessons nd stuff" absent mindedly i responded saying"hope shes not gonna be a music teacher, aint no money in that" now before i say what Calebs response, this nigga is goofy as fuck, so i didnt expect for him to say some wise shit like that. I dont remember exactly what he said but it was something like "it doesnt matter whether she's gonna be makning money or not, she likes what shes doing and if your good at what you do, your gonna be paid good for it." 

i let it soak in, thinking to myself "this goofy ass nigga just spit the real" but what really blew me back is what he said was or is supposed to be the same logic on why i'm an art major now.


This past week i was a at a Nigerian Muslim youth convention known as the Platform. Theres a lot of events that go on during the platform, one most noticeably was the Career Fair where they set up different stations with the most "popular" career choices amongst young nigerians. amongst them were cliche careers like Doctor, Engineer, Nurses and others like Broadcast Management. But there was no Art major section to be found anywhere. out of 800 people i was the only person at platform who wanted to pursue or had an interest in the Arts. Pretty disappointing.

 Also i was talkin to a lil homie of mines during the platform and he told me how he was a Pre Med Major, but how he really more interested in doing electrical engineering. first off, I've been knowing this dude for a long min now and he's pretty much a genius. he could do either w/o any problems. But the problem is that instead of choosing the career that he has a passion for, he's going with the Pre-Med major, because his mom told him thats what he has to do. i kinda got low-key pissed and told him to be a rebel and what he wanted to do in life. But how many geniuses do you know that were also rebels? Actually there are probably plenty, but he wasn't one.

basically what I'm trying to say is...

People in college get too caught up on midframe that they need to be in  a career thats gonna make money. Though, In reality it makes sense. you want to live a comfortable life being able to provide for your family. But what that plan is missing is the passion you should have for that career. I challenge ya'll to go to college and instead of doing what your parents tell you to do or whats "recession proof". pursue a career you know you'll enjoy doing wether your cash flow is flooding or on a drought. Wether you want to be a Rapper, Environmental Scientist, Plumber etc, etc,  because when you have a passion for something, you have it for life.


soo i just came across my formspring from two years ago and I'm just dying from all the questions that were asked and how i responded, shits hilarious.

might start using it again for more serious questions ill let y'all know later tho.

Custom Air Jordan 5 "Tiffany" by Proof Culture

these joints are orgasmic to look at,  they would be an instant sell out if ever released. 

but they won't be.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Shape of Things : poster project

this was the last project i did for my Computers for Artist class during the previous fall semester. Our class was appointed to design a poster for a play called the Shape of Things by Neil Labute. long story short the meaning of my poster was how if you watched the movie you would know the love interest of the main character was using him the whole as a subject as her senior exhibition. She managed to change the guy from a nerdishly awkward guy into a stud with a nose job with different morals and all. and that was my premise behind this poster. the left side is the main characters old nerd self and the right side represents the stud. The puzzle pieces represent the facade that the girl built around the guy, who unknowingly let her do it, because he thought he found the one. and while she's pieces the puzzle pieces together to transform the guy, she is viewing him more as a perfect grade, rather than a human being or boyfriend, hence the "A+" in the background. I used notebook paper as a background and the Hand Written typeface to give the scratch paper feel to the poster. the poster all done in Photoshop CS4.

i didn't win the poster competion but i aced this project and I'm hella proud of the final results

*fist pump*

(sidenote) the second picture is the program for the play.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday wishes n shit

soo I'm really about to respond to all the birthday wishes i get, call me too serious, but i could care less. i appreciate friends takin time out to say happy birthday

this gonna take a while tho.....*shrugs*


The Dark Night Rises

2nd trailer

im spazzing out in the inside on how much greatness this movie is going to contain.

chinkie eyed mornings.

this and my hair being on slant mode is what i usually look like in the morning. 

my african ass.


Random Thoughts.

Bored so im gonna type random thoughts that come to mind:

I've been recently taking the attention i gave to girls and focusing soley on myself lately. 

yet, there on my mind tonight.

wonder what Drake would rap about if he stepped out of the feelings box for a couple of days?

why the fuck are my ankles so ashy?

still see "her" in my future, if she get her act right. 

i lowkey want the concords.

where the fuck are the kool ass artistic girls at?? and when y'all find them relocate them to wichita falls so i can pick and choose wich one i want.

i'm JUST hearing "spend it" by 2Chainz like 3 days ago.

one of my followers on twitter wants my dih. 

i aint no quick pumper.

I'm too lazy to  chase pussy.

i remember this girl saying "i didn't know black people could be muslim"

why am i not asleep?

i feel as though when i cut off my hair, ill be cutting off my swag :/.

im materialistic, i need to change that. 

you can't trust neither girls or hoes.

hope my sister really buys me something for my birth day.

a girl w/ a bright future and very or slightly artistic in any way and can compliment my fresh is needed.

im a hypocrite.

i talk about how much i love chocolate girls yet every chick i posted on my blog has been a light skinned.

i wonder who's actually reading this. 

my birthday is in 2 days, think i just wanna spend it with my family. 

I'm turning 20.

my oldest brother is my role model.

my happy trail isn't looking so happy, ill probably trim up after this.

"city of sin, is a pity on whim, good girls gone bad, the city is filled with them"

i havnt been drunk in months. 

drinking is against my religion.

don't plan on drinking in the next 4-5 years.

i think I'm lying to myself.

if your in arlington and you know about Fly Union. thank me.

i wonder who still reading this?

i wonder if I'm as interesting as i think i am?

wire some money to my bank account if your reading this.

when i say "some" i mean $500 +

if your still reading this i fucks wit you for checkin out my blog.

if you check my blog a couple times a week, i really fucks wit you and you should let me know.

for serious inquiries about sending money DM me on twitter.


i promise when i eventually drop my clothing line, its gonna be some nice quality designs n shit.

i hope i drop it soon.

Dinosaurs & Handguns.

i start cheesing inside of my head EVERY TIME i say the lines name in my head. 

it sounds so fucking dope to me.

you only know what i let you know about me.


slap the fuck out of me if you ever saying that shit in public.

i take it back about my happy trail, my shit looks more like an upside down narrow triangle.

makes my abs look mannish.

low fucking key, i might say Hov is a better rapper than Ye, that nigga is a fucking genius!!!!

but so is Ye, so I'm not sure yet... 

if i end up not remembering what happens on this coming up new years, that means it was epic.


Perfection in a photograph.


in THIS pic, Bridget Kelly is the most beautifulest/finest/orgasmic lookingiest women alive.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


dont fuck with snapbacks at all (fitteds over here), but a Don C snake skin snapback would go pretty much flow hella right with the shoes and the vest.

Bobby Hundreds breaks down his cut and sew process.

HBTV: Bobby Hundreds - Cut & Sew Progression from HBTV on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shoes that i prefer amongst the rest

" cus every fourth quarter i like to Mike Jordan'em "

if you know me, you know that I'm pretty selective when it comes to Jordans.  nice color ways of Jays 3-5 are must cops for me (even tho i passed on the black metallics :[ ) the rest are nice, but you won't really catch me going out of my way for them. 1's are nice but OVERLY-mass produced, 6's ill fuck wit in a nice color way, 7's straight (though the Bordeaux were sick! thinking bout coppin on ebay) 8's i'm iffy cus i like them but I'm not sure if i would cop. 9's don't think any fucks are given about that shoe.  10's - I'm starting o get random admiration for some reason...11's classic shoe great looking, just not worth the line wait if you ask me, most of you will disagree w/ me on that one. 12...fuck em. 13's altitudes were nice, don't care tho. 14's ehhh, straight. don't care for the rest of the Jordan's. though if i was to see a color way i REALLY liked in any of those shoes i would probably cop.

"Foamposites, if you aint got em then you penny loafing!"

Foamposites though....they're just beautiful fucking shoes, I'm more than willing to drop bread on any color way that i like when it comes to those + they're fucking indestructible. Matter of fact, i think the military should use foamposite material for bullet proof vest...that was an exaggeration, but you get what I'm saying. if you scuff your foams, then you must be a really reckless when it comes to your shoes and they deserve those scuffs. Not sure which foams i like best between the pros and the ones, but only cus of the $10 reduced price would i say pros, either way I'm down with the penny's.

"Used to kill niggas with Griffeys on playgrounds"

Griffeys, i have every color way except the freshwaters (WILL BE COPPED!!!!!!!!) i don't care for the all black ones at all though. i guess you could say they might be my favorite shoes design of all time, but I'm not sure if i would go that far myself. i just love those shoes.

no lyric worth putting for supras.  thanks wayne.

Supras, ehhhhhhhhhhhh they fucking suck now. there color ways aren't as good as they used to be. (kamikaze Supras are fucking greatness), don't know what happened with Chad Muska's dare devilish attitude to take on risky colorways, but I'm hella disappointed with whats been made recently. classic design, what happened to the zebra prints?? and the unnecessary/brilliant bright colors?? The concepts and colors  aren't as exciting as they used to be.

wore these to prom doe :}

but s/o to the lebrons, kobes and KD's i plan on buying more of those and less jays in the future.

and fuck all the old heads and everybody else complaining about all the shoes getting retro'd now, so what they reproducing the same shoe they did  5-10-15-20 years ago. Some people are just being able to get on there shoe game or can finally afford to cop shoes the way we do now, We enjoy shoes just as much as the next sneaker head.

but that doesn't include you hypebeast who only cop a certain type of shoe cus its the shoe to have, get real, unless you plan on or already seriously collecting shoes, buy what catches YOUR eye, not the publics.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Soo i really just spent the night figuring out how to use my blogger more efficiently, plus i plan on jockin a lot of stuff from, not post wise, but like  layout and format wise and that grooveshark player. Besides from all the dope/ interesting shit she talks about her blog her layout is simple and neat, sorta like what i want for mines, but off that. goodnight. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

KAWS Exhibit

sooo yesterday i went to the Fort Worth Modern Museum Of Art to take a look at the KAWS exhibit. Though there they only showed  like 6 projects (one being comprised of like  27 circular panels) i was hella inspired by his works and i learned the reasons behind his projects, seems as though he puts a lot of thought before making his art. nevertheless it was a pretty dope exhibit plus i stayed  around to look admire other works of art the museum had to offer, might make going to the museum solo a usual thing for myself. 

i wasn't allowed to take pictures but here some "official" pics front the exhibits opening -__-

copped his book tho, greatness! 

The Exhibit is going on from Dec - Feb and its only like 5 dollars w/ your student ID, heres more info on the exhibit HERE

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Bobby, Ben, you can ask them "

I can't put into words how much these guys inspire me. I got to meet them once, but for that short period i could tell they were genuine and wanted to hear about what i thought about TH. Personally they're the top dawgs of the street wear industry, there isn't a street wear brand out there who stresses and examplifies originality like TH. Hopefully when i get my priorities right and launch my own line i can be as successful as they are with The Hundreds, maybe even a Dinosaurs & Handguns x The Hundreds collab?

nvm fuck a "maybe" it WILL happen.