Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pursuing a passion.

Last sunday i was with a friend on the way to party and we was just talkin and reminiscing bout high school shit and we're bringing up random people like "what happened with him" and what is so and so doing now. i asked him about this girl on who i like to call the "Low-Key Queen" and he was like "just talk to her shes a music major, she's already giving private lessons nd stuff" absent mindedly i responded saying"hope shes not gonna be a music teacher, aint no money in that" now before i say what Calebs response, this nigga is goofy as fuck, so i didnt expect for him to say some wise shit like that. I dont remember exactly what he said but it was something like "it doesnt matter whether she's gonna be makning money or not, she likes what shes doing and if your good at what you do, your gonna be paid good for it." 

i let it soak in, thinking to myself "this goofy ass nigga just spit the real" but what really blew me back is what he said was or is supposed to be the same logic on why i'm an art major now.


This past week i was a at a Nigerian Muslim youth convention known as the Platform. Theres a lot of events that go on during the platform, one most noticeably was the Career Fair where they set up different stations with the most "popular" career choices amongst young nigerians. amongst them were cliche careers like Doctor, Engineer, Nurses and others like Broadcast Management. But there was no Art major section to be found anywhere. out of 800 people i was the only person at platform who wanted to pursue or had an interest in the Arts. Pretty disappointing.

 Also i was talkin to a lil homie of mines during the platform and he told me how he was a Pre Med Major, but how he really more interested in doing electrical engineering. first off, I've been knowing this dude for a long min now and he's pretty much a genius. he could do either w/o any problems. But the problem is that instead of choosing the career that he has a passion for, he's going with the Pre-Med major, because his mom told him thats what he has to do. i kinda got low-key pissed and told him to be a rebel and what he wanted to do in life. But how many geniuses do you know that were also rebels? Actually there are probably plenty, but he wasn't one.

basically what I'm trying to say is...

People in college get too caught up on midframe that they need to be in  a career thats gonna make money. Though, In reality it makes sense. you want to live a comfortable life being able to provide for your family. But what that plan is missing is the passion you should have for that career. I challenge ya'll to go to college and instead of doing what your parents tell you to do or whats "recession proof". pursue a career you know you'll enjoy doing wether your cash flow is flooding or on a drought. Wether you want to be a Rapper, Environmental Scientist, Plumber etc, etc,  because when you have a passion for something, you have it for life.

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