Monday, October 31, 2011



  1. Peso (prod. ASAP Ty Beats)
  2. Bass (prod. Clams Casino)
  3. Wassup (prod. Clams Casino)
  4. Brand New Guy (feat. ScHoolboy Q) (prod. Lyle)
  5. Purple Swag: Chapter 2 (feat. SpaceghostPurrp & ASAP Nast) (prod. ASAP Ty Beats)
  6. Get Lit (feat. Fat Tony) (prod. Soufein3000)
  7. Trilla (feat. ASAP Twelvy & ASAP Nast) (prod. Beautiful Lou)
  8. Keep It G (feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp) (prod. Spaceghost Purrp)
  9. Kissin’ Pink (feat. ASAP Ferg) (prod. Beautiful Lou)
  10. Houston Old Head (prod. DJ Burn One)
  11. Acid Drip (prod. Soufein3000)
  12. Leaf (feat. Main Attrakionz) (prod. Clams Casino)
  13. Roll One Up (prod. DJ Burn One)
  14. Demons (prod. Clams Casino)
  15. Out Of This World (prod. The Olympicks) [Bonus]
Yo i swear this dude came out of nowhere, I've heard 2 songs from him and they both GOOOO, but yuh mixtape review later on in the week.
Download link ---> LIVELOVEASAP

Very necessary right now.


Soo yeah this playlist pretty much consists mainly of The Weeknd and Drake also other various artist singing some depressing / emotional shit -_-

KINDA want my hair something like this


just need to grow a legit 5 o clock shadow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

song needs to be longer

s/o to young veggies though.

i don't know why i keep putting "" after every blog post i do, cus after ever post it automatically notes that the post was " by Tu at... " so and so time. So theres really no need for me to put it there like its my outro or something.


Ambition pt 1

let me start off by saying that this is a GREAT opening for an album, btw i already downloaded the leaked album, THOUGH i do plan on buying it when it drops 11-11-11 and i encourage you all to do so as well. I'll be doing an album review within the next two weeks or so....ermm stay tuned i guess?

Lyrics that stood out: " Shit i be feeling like real niggas don't make it to 50, and i be feeling Malcom, Martin and Pac would defend me" - realness

lonely nights, lonely nights


i look like one of those "whos" off the "the grinch that stole christmas" it.


Intriguing burrito, perhaps?


sexy face "attempt".


i really don't have anything to smile about right now, fake smiling at its best


my eye is literally low-key swollen, tf?



Saturday, October 29, 2011

out of it..

even though i said bye (one of the hardest things i've ever had to do) yesterday, i highly doubt (hopefully) that it can be over like that, i just hope that time truly heals the situation....if that makes any sense....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dreams money cant buy.

i seriously think i have like an Dreaming OCD, if that makes any sense. I day dream way more often then most people, matter 0f fact, i look forward to going to sleep just soo i can dream. i guess it shows how much i wanna reach my goals in life and what kind of person i want people to perceive me as. I mostly blame music for this, to be specific rappers like Kanye West who has a creative process with anything he does from dressing to producing beats to rapping or J.cole who has built his whole career off his dreams that became his reality due to his hardwork and he is always letting this be known through his lyrics in his songs, alsooo a hand full of rock bands, one to be specific would be The Temper Trap, every time i play there album " Conditions " i dive into a dream like coma, especially with the songs "Love Lost" and "Sweet Disposition". its great to dream, but sucks when you figure out how hard you have to work to reach those goals. thats life for ya..

Saturday, October 8, 2011