Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dreams money cant buy.

i seriously think i have like an Dreaming OCD, if that makes any sense. I day dream way more often then most people, matter 0f fact, i look forward to going to sleep just soo i can dream. i guess it shows how much i wanna reach my goals in life and what kind of person i want people to perceive me as. I mostly blame music for this, to be specific rappers like Kanye West who has a creative process with anything he does from dressing to producing beats to rapping or J.cole who has built his whole career off his dreams that became his reality due to his hardwork and he is always letting this be known through his lyrics in his songs, alsooo a hand full of rock bands, one to be specific would be The Temper Trap, every time i play there album " Conditions " i dive into a dream like coma, especially with the songs "Love Lost" and "Sweet Disposition". its great to dream, but sucks when you figure out how hard you have to work to reach those goals. thats life for ya..

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