Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maor Cohen


Story of a Lonely Guy by blink-182 on Grooveshark

guess that song?


this song...is gonna be sofaking dope. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pipe dreaming

 Through my years of living I've peeped way too much fly/ lavish shit to live a bland 9-5 working lifestyle. I mean I'm ok with starting out like that, because your gonna have to grind to get to wherever you wanna be, but i don't plan on doing that shit for long. I stay watching videos on Artist, Rappers, owners of clothing lines giving advice to people on the come up and talking about how they're doing what they love and getting paid good for it, stuff like that gives me more drive to accomplish my goals.  Me and my homies stay talking bout "mann one of needs to hurry up and blow up" so i know they get how i feel when they read this. 

I just wanna be rich...... while i  do what i love...... with my own schedule.

too much to ask for?


New Years ish

TJ, Lew Boga, me, Kei 

Lil Mike, Neiman, Lewis, Stuckey 

with the exception of Stuckey, i miss the homies

jk, Stuckey  the homie too (not sure if I'm spelling her name right)

Via Lil Mikes iPad

Friday, January 27, 2012

ASAP Rocky Harlem State of Mind x Wassup (music video)

friendly competition

so what have we learned?
1.Car Companies beef as much as the Crips and Bloods
         2. when it comes to advertisement BMW can't be fucked with 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

"feelings; i suppress and fight em"

Only One ft. Adelle by Fly.Union on Grooveshark


Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun on Grooveshark


The Hundreds and New Era celebrate the 5th Anniversary of The Hundreds Los Angeles store with the opening of the RSWD Pop-Up Shop at 7907 Rosewood Ave. This is RSWD:

"i kicked off my air jordans out here, stepped in some dog shit and i was walking around in my hundred socks, that was my favorite moment"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yo, its only the second week of school and I'm already stressing like its finals week, whoever said being an Art Major was easy, obviously never took an art class in college. I got a Maquette (basically a practice model for the model you plan to sculpt) due tomorrow for 3D Design that I'm not gonna be able to finish due to this tooth ache that is currently whooping my ass and i have  panel for Drawing 2 thats due next week... so tomorrow is my official i don't give a fuck day. i can't tell you how many fucks won't be given tomorrow, i owe it to myself to just relax and do things at my pace, because constantly stressing over stuff isn't gonna help.

i feel like being random .....Hol mah dihh


oh and I'm not going to class tomorrow, saving myself the embarrassment. 

Kei took this pic of me while in history, i wasn't sleeping, my eyes are just skinny as fugg.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shit Drake Says

his hand movements are keyy! haha 

Monday, January 23, 2012

this has to be the dopest grandma in the world

Rockie Fresh - Driving 88 (Mixtape)

Highly anticipated, by me at least. here's Rockie Fresh's 3rd official mixtape if you fucks with underground artist or just Rap in general, then this will jam, promise

yuh this mixtape goooooeees ! 

oh and if you dig this mixtape check out his last one 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts PT. 2

once again typing the first thing that comes to mind, legooo

my eye itches.

im not a thief, but if given a chance id take someones iPhone 4, but I'm not a thief. 

Louis Vuitton belt would compliment my style quite nice.

fuck a pouch.

i say fuck a pouch, but don't be surprised if you see me with one.

im a hypocrite.

can't wait till my CGC Play shoes come in!!

hope i got the right size.

my roommate got the hoes. 

the chicago 10's do nothing for me.

swear i made a bomb ass play list

people only feel the need to touch my hair when i forget to wash it and its dandruff infested.

its embarrassing cus when they stroke it, I'm pretty sure they see the shit come out my hair 


jus gotta make sure i shampoo 2 times a week instead of once 

i had to lie so this girl so she wouldnt come to my apartment today, i felt cool. 

i don't want if its that easy.

i don't want it if your too serious either. 

hairy vaginas are ugly. 

wait, fuck that..

vaginas in general ugly af 


my lips are more chapped then usual

i be in my room lonely n shit

but at the same time i try to stay low-key.....

same ol midwestern.

i barely blog when I'm at school cus aint shit to blog about.

art classes are expensive as fuck.

girl in my Drawing  2 class wants to "Art buddies!"

i think thats code for, "i want your dick"

my minds obviously in the gutter

surprisingly im texting somebody on the regular

thats only cus she doesn't trip about not texting back n shit like that

we be picking up convos a day later  n shit 

n shit.

can't remember the last time i visited the feelings box.

think i made a good schedule this year.

i need to pray more, only the mornings aren't going to cut it.

prayer is meditation. 



people call me throwing clothes on here, me dressing up

i take that as a compliment. 

so much gwallaaaaaaaaaaaa !

money..money...MONEY MONEY MONEY!

lil mike and J mac taught me how to jigg

when i say "taught" i mean i just copy all their moves.

I'm going to sleep...


i only drink the finest of breast milks.

Care package from Tawa

if your in doubt on what to give somebody as a present, you can always count on two types of items that will leave that person satisfied, candy,  money or even both. My sister is the only one in my family who seems to catch this drift, seeing that she gave me money on my birthday and now she just  sent me some candy, school supplies and a card, just for the hell of it, mann i love that guhhhh. 

 and Hello Kitty chapstick.....why though?

(sidenote) if you happen to come to my apt, don't touch my candy jar, you will be immediately exiled from my apt for life if you do. 



Saturday, January 14, 2012

back at school.fake a smile

What the inspiration behind name "Dinosaurs & Handguns"?

i was asked this question via txt messaging a friend.

my response:

"Eh, other than how i feel the name relates to my personality by being random and expressing individuality, but honestly its just a dope ass name, i like to think of it as the clothing line about nothing, like i want the whoever likes my shit to have their own positive outlook on what the brands ideals are (if that makes sense) , just some go with the flow/ care free type shit"

her response:

"oh i thought u ilked dinosaurs and owned a handgun.. waaay off! lol but  thats pretty cool. I can't wait to see what u create. sounds like some expressive pieces u have in the works."

this would've been so much better if i was to be able to take a screen shot, but this will suffice for the time being. 


Blowing Up / Home

"The government tryna put us in a muzzle, but your two fingers aint the pieces puzzle" 

Blowing Up Fast by Lil Wayne on Grooveshark


Home by Kanye West on Grooveshark

Blowing Up Fast had some of the  best lyrics wayne has ever spit, whats even doper is that when i learned that it was a Kanye west beat of the the original "Homecoming", off  of Graduation, entitled "Home" wich was unreleased. 

 in my top 5 favorite instrumentals of all time. 


best break EVER.

As the title says, this was the best break I've probably ever had, just seemed like everything went right. Met some new cool ass people, spent quality time with my fam and had countless of "we should've recorded that" moments with my bros. from as soon as i touched down in Arlington, to going to Baltimore for platform to New Years to day before i left, my break didn't miss a beat, gonna remember this break until i have my next epic one break.

cant fucking wait. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pac Div - Brown

Im finding myself to be hell lazy to blog stuff sometimes, so to keep my self active in this blog i think ima post a song of my liking every day, old or new....nothing special. 

Brown by Pac Div on Grooveshark

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am seriously considering.

 Kinetics x adidas Superstar 80s brings together spots and scales for a fancy finish. A leopard print upper is slapped with snakeskin branding for a Jumanji take on the Big Sean staple and “Animal Collection” collaboration. 

speaking of Us Placers

Lupe Fiasco x Pharrel ..album??

Greatnesss, though I'm timid about Food & Liquor 2, the fist one was a classic, but coming after an album like Lasers...ehhh..

what happened to Usplacers??? was suppose to be Ye, Lupe and Pharrell??
 wellp, guess this will do. 


Love Lost


Visual heights

forgot what the sculptors name was...

but don't these statues make you realize how tall these buildings are?