Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am not a role model.

"A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated" - role model

i was talkin to a friend.. 


why is it always after "talking to a friend" ( Pursuing a Passion) is when i make a post like this? 


 ...and she was telling me how you never know who's watching you and what not, like there are kids or people out there that probably look up to you. So how am i setting an example for them? shits true, cus back when i played football i had two lil homies say they "used" to look up to me, thought that was hella funny, but i was honored at the same time. but now its like, I'm not really doing shit with my life worth being imitated by others and some parts i would hope they wouldn't imitate. Not saying I'm doing bad because life is good n shit and I know its a matter of time till i have people who look up to me like i look up to people like Bobby and Ben Hundreds or my brother. Shit, i wanna be that nigga my nephews wanna be when they grow up, but i don't feel ilke right now is the time for someone to think of me as a role model.

though If someone does consider me as one , i just hope he takes the positive aspects from my actions and steers clear from the unnecessary things.

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