Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts PT. 2

once again typing the first thing that comes to mind, legooo

my eye itches.

im not a thief, but if given a chance id take someones iPhone 4, but I'm not a thief. 

Louis Vuitton belt would compliment my style quite nice.

fuck a pouch.

i say fuck a pouch, but don't be surprised if you see me with one.

im a hypocrite.

can't wait till my CGC Play shoes come in!!

hope i got the right size.

my roommate got the hoes. 

the chicago 10's do nothing for me.

swear i made a bomb ass play list

people only feel the need to touch my hair when i forget to wash it and its dandruff infested.

its embarrassing cus when they stroke it, I'm pretty sure they see the shit come out my hair 


jus gotta make sure i shampoo 2 times a week instead of once 

i had to lie so this girl so she wouldnt come to my apartment today, i felt cool. 

i don't want if its that easy.

i don't want it if your too serious either. 

hairy vaginas are ugly. 

wait, fuck that..

vaginas in general ugly af 


my lips are more chapped then usual

i be in my room lonely n shit

but at the same time i try to stay low-key.....

same ol midwestern.

i barely blog when I'm at school cus aint shit to blog about.

art classes are expensive as fuck.

girl in my Drawing  2 class wants to "Art buddies!"

i think thats code for, "i want your dick"

my minds obviously in the gutter

surprisingly im texting somebody on the regular

thats only cus she doesn't trip about not texting back n shit like that

we be picking up convos a day later  n shit 

n shit.

can't remember the last time i visited the feelings box.

think i made a good schedule this year.

i need to pray more, only the mornings aren't going to cut it.

prayer is meditation. 



people call me throwing clothes on here, me dressing up

i take that as a compliment. 

so much gwallaaaaaaaaaaaa ! MONEY MONEY!

lil mike and J mac taught me how to jigg

when i say "taught" i mean i just copy all their moves.

I'm going to sleep...


i only drink the finest of breast milks.

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