Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pipe dreaming

 Through my years of living I've peeped way too much fly/ lavish shit to live a bland 9-5 working lifestyle. I mean I'm ok with starting out like that, because your gonna have to grind to get to wherever you wanna be, but i don't plan on doing that shit for long. I stay watching videos on Artist, Rappers, owners of clothing lines giving advice to people on the come up and talking about how they're doing what they love and getting paid good for it, stuff like that gives me more drive to accomplish my goals.  Me and my homies stay talking bout "mann one of needs to hurry up and blow up" so i know they get how i feel when they read this. 

I just wanna be rich...... while i  do what i love...... with my own schedule.

too much to ask for? 

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