Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Thoughts.

Bored so im gonna type random thoughts that come to mind:

I've been recently taking the attention i gave to girls and focusing soley on myself lately. 

yet, there on my mind tonight.

wonder what Drake would rap about if he stepped out of the feelings box for a couple of days?

why the fuck are my ankles so ashy?

still see "her" in my future, if she get her act right. 

i lowkey want the concords.

where the fuck are the kool ass artistic girls at?? and when y'all find them relocate them to wichita falls so i can pick and choose wich one i want.

i'm JUST hearing "spend it" by 2Chainz like 3 days ago.

one of my followers on twitter wants my dih. 

i aint no quick pumper.

I'm too lazy to  chase pussy.

i remember this girl saying "i didn't know black people could be muslim"

why am i not asleep?

i feel as though when i cut off my hair, ill be cutting off my swag :/.

im materialistic, i need to change that. 

you can't trust neither girls or hoes.

hope my sister really buys me something for my birth day.

a girl w/ a bright future and very or slightly artistic in any way and can compliment my fresh is needed.

im a hypocrite.

i talk about how much i love chocolate girls yet every chick i posted on my blog has been a light skinned.

i wonder who's actually reading this. 

my birthday is in 2 days, think i just wanna spend it with my family. 

I'm turning 20.

my oldest brother is my role model.

my happy trail isn't looking so happy, ill probably trim up after this.

"city of sin, is a pity on whim, good girls gone bad, the city is filled with them"

i havnt been drunk in months. 

drinking is against my religion.

don't plan on drinking in the next 4-5 years.

i think I'm lying to myself.

if your in arlington and you know about Fly Union. thank me.

i wonder who still reading this?

i wonder if I'm as interesting as i think i am?

wire some money to my bank account if your reading this.

when i say "some" i mean $500 +

if your still reading this i fucks wit you for checkin out my blog.

if you check my blog a couple times a week, i really fucks wit you and you should let me know.

for serious inquiries about sending money DM me on twitter.


i promise when i eventually drop my clothing line, its gonna be some nice quality designs n shit.

i hope i drop it soon.

Dinosaurs & Handguns.

i start cheesing inside of my head EVERY TIME i say the lines name in my head. 

it sounds so fucking dope to me.

you only know what i let you know about me.


slap the fuck out of me if you ever saying that shit in public.

i take it back about my happy trail, my shit looks more like an upside down narrow triangle.

makes my abs look mannish.

low fucking key, i might say Hov is a better rapper than Ye, that nigga is a fucking genius!!!!

but so is Ye, so I'm not sure yet... 

if i end up not remembering what happens on this coming up new years, that means it was epic.


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