Thursday, October 4, 2012

takin pictures n shit

 its hella crazy how much more there is to taking a picture then just pressing a button, I've come to learn this while taking this photography class, but yuh, been at this forest/park thingy in the falls to take pictures with one of my classmates who's a boss when it comes to the photography tip oh yeah, and he only has one hand (a hook as the other) also his homie blake who's down to pretty much risk his life just so we can get some good pictures, cool guys.  

bridges are fucking scary 

little china in wichita falls 

dead bodies everywhere

failed jump man attempt 

dude's hilarious

no fucks we're given when it came to getting a good shot

this beautiful fucking dog wouldn't let us get close enough to pet it, not to speak of getting a good shot and on top of that it was its leg was injured (it was limping) so i doubt it could run, swear if i was back at home i would've took this dog home...

his name would've been Rocky


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