Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go time

if you know me, you know about my plans about stating my clothing line. I've had this idea in my head since 09, so whats been taking soo long? well i got started for a bit, then i got hoed by this guy i designed shirts for his Dance studio

Fuck Ryan Colston 

off that. 

so that put me on a slump and i got a bit uninspired about it, i eventually got over though and realized if i was serious about it i should make sure my debut is top tier. basically I've been trying to craft my drawing skills so i could draw some grade A stuff. and i must say its a BIG difference from my work back in 09. Though I'm not Grade A, i think I'm good enough to start on my debut so yeahhhh... 

I'm about to stat making moves on the D&H,  i want to have designs ready in no more than 2 months 

it would be perfect if i could have shirts printed by time kixpo starts up, it would be hell of a opportunity to showcase my stuff.

but i really wanna make sure y'all can tell my shits top notch, soo i just want my stuff out by the end of the summer

and this all depends on me getting some kind of job. 


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