Friday, February 10, 2012

The Style Blogger

recently came across this blog where this guy basically teaches guys how to dress, not that i need it 


no seriously, i don't need it

(back on topic)

but i think it can help enhance my style.

any guy that can pull off fur is a BAWSE, no questions asked. 

soo yeah, he's probably the most spiffiest guy around and what he stresses style more than he does fashion as you will tell if you start looking at his post, he basically tells you how  vast amount of ways to compliment different styles of clothing with another and of with  a lot of his stuff you would never think to combine.


even though one of the main points of his blog is to help you take style risk, limit yourself..dont go out and buy a fur scarf cus he's stuntin in one, examine the way he wears stuff and take notes, simple as that.


don't just go out and buy shit he's wearing the point is to take your style and improve it.

niggas have the most pride when it comes to other people putting them on shit, whether its music or clothes or shoes.  they don't like to give credit to other people puttin them on shit. Me on the other hand don't mind telling people who put me on, so next time if you see me and I'm on some different stylish shit, thank this guy. 

Link to blog --> The Style Blogger

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