Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3D Design Project #3 : Metamorphosis

Alright, for this project my teacher wants us to take two things and show a metamorphosis process between the two things (5 models in total). They could be pretty much anything you want.
Ex. in my class theres somebody doing a dragon fly into a dragon, a hand into a bird, a mouse into a computer mouse and lots of others. The only rule for the project was that you cant use something that somebody already created 


i made that face because i wanted to Turn the Nike Air Mag shoe into the Kanye West x Takashi Murakami bear, shit would've been so dope! but my professor insisted that instead of using the bear come up with my own character based on Murakami's style , so i did and I'm basically gonna do a Dinosaur....swag

so basically it would've turned


but instead I'm turning 

into  (almost finished with this model)

I'm trying to keep everything i do related to D&H

how swag am i?

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