Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mac Miller "Macadelic" (Mixtape)

"Im like the beetles to these young kids...but sometimes i feel like I'm a needle to these young kids"

My favorite Mac Miller track of all time is Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza. this mix tape might as well be called Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza  cus thats the vibe i get from it CHILL. If your a Mac Miller fan you'll love this tape, if you never listened you should  be able to jam to it and if you don't fuck with Mac's music and you listen to his mix tape and you still not fucking with it, i just think you stuck on hating or its just not your type of sound., I've been jamming this shit since i downloaded it and its doesn't look like its gonna get old.


probably Mac Millers best project he's put out so far

personal favorite track is "Fight The Feeling" shit puts me in a trance, i swear

and if you cant jam to Alien Fighting Robots, your sick

didn't see the lil wayne feature coming, but nice ass song.

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