Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big K.R.I.T. - 4 Eva N A Day

I'm late please don't stone me..

but yuh I've heard K.R.I.T. loooong while ago, but for some reason (just like Kendrick Lamar) i couldn't really get into him. But things have changed, i downloaded and gave his mix tape a good listen (bumping it the whole time while I'm working on my art project) and yuh....the nigga jams. The thing i like most about K.R.I.T. is his Authentic southern hospitality he spits on the tracks. Like J.coles is from the south too but its pretty evident that he's more influenced by an up north rapping style, KRIT on the other hand is a down south nigga from his obvious country grammar to his beats to his flows. The dude can spit, and gives you sorta  UGK Pimp C x Outcast Big Boi feel, but at the same time making it into his own thing. Though all of you probably already know this. Btw, long story short I'm bout to download his other projects cus BK has a new fan in me

(sidenote) "4 eva N a Day " is my favorite track

even though you probably already downloaded it heres the link again

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