Saturday, March 3, 2012 shit.

Im phone less now :/,
but on the flip side i have a iPhone 4 :D 
but flip that side a bit to the right and you'll see that i need to get it jailbroken -__-
now flip it back slightly to the left then you'll see i have a camera to take pictures of shit :}

so heres project two of my Drawing 2 class. 

basically my art teacher has all the girls in the class drawing ken dolls and the guys are drawing barbies, we split the barbies and kens into 3 parts: top, middle and bottom. So the end result will be basically the best drawings of the parts put together to make one full body but with different barbies/ kens. I.E its gonna be like a ballerina top x naked middle x black legs...if all that makes any sense.

still got a lot of work to do..and if you think this is nice, you aint seen shit, the girls are shitting on us guys with there drawings, ima try to take pictures next class 

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