Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Everydays

i feel like if you value your shoes or  a sneakerhead then you need everyday shoes. I would suggest shoes that age well and hard to mess up, cus unless you got heat on heat on heat might as well have a pair of everyday's to save your other shoes from scuffs and other dangers that the environment holds. Now when choose your "everdays" it would be tight if they were heat, but once again unless you got stocks of heat in your closet i wouldn't suggest it, but shit its your shoes so who cares. but  Thats why these jordans and my cough drop foams are my everydays. These aren't exclusives at all, but i don't ever really see people with em  and I can honestly say (other than the dirt on them) these shoes look wayyy better distressed than they did when i first got them.  Might even start rocking em when i go out n shit

cant believe i just did a post on everyday shoes

no life 

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