Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey you, READ THIS.

so this post is basically a continuation of the the older post

What does Dinosaurs and Handguns mean to you

and i feel like i need to touch up on some things

and i pretty much suck at writing so this post may be a bit sporadic and error full 

Arrright well this blog gets a lot of hits sometimes, I've even gotten up to like 200 once, but i've noticed that i got like around 30 people who peep the blog regularly and thats without updating post or anything. though that may not be a lot to some, shits dope to me. Mainly cus i post stuff that really just pertains to the stuff that I'm interested in and i guess y'all are down with that.

so yuh , just wanted to remind y'all wat I'm trying to do with the blog. Its basically just something I'm doing leading up to the drop of the line (Dinosaurs & Handguns), once it drops ill post more things relevant to the line and what not, so basically its kinda like I'm bullshitin with post about Art, Music, shoes, funny shit, girls, fashion and blah blah pretty much everything besides D&H its just like any other blog, but seeing that y'all check this blog amongst others, i feel that ya'll somewhat are anticipating the line? btw the reason for checking out the blog i appreciate it.

another thing.

Being in the Art program has sorta guided me to redefine what D&H means to me. Everything thing i wrote in the last post is still in the meaning, but I've lately realized it was much more.  Its still the clothing line about nothing, but at the same time its about of a lot.  Mainly about goals and dreams, Dreams are what keep people motivated. Now when i say "Dreams" i don't necessarily mean sleeping and stuff. 
It could be how you imagine yourself working towards a goal and once you final achieve that goal its how your life is going to change, D&H is for the people who know what they want out of life and will work towards that goal no matter what the odds that are supposedly against  you for becoming what ever you want to be in life, YOU know that  ratio doesn't apply to you and your gonna prove people wrong by becoming whatever it is you want to be.

so heres to all the things that make up D&H; carefreeness, music, Art, hot babes (c. box voice), random shit,  Fashion, shoes, comedy, Dinosaurs, Handguns, ampersands and people who want the most out of life.

but most importantly heres to all the people and friends who ask me about the line and look forward to it release even though i have yet to post anything on it other than "how dope the clothing line is going to be" thats real support and i appreciate it.

Stay dreaming.

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