Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Pandas & Handuns?


  1. That would be a dope ass line though or even penguins. I know you got this all planned out, but dinosaurs are just kinda chill. But something like Panda and Handguns, penguin and handguns or even Koala and handguns would be much more iconic. Those three animals don't go at all with handguns and that it would make it that much cooler. Like imagine a Panda climbing up a bamboo shoot that was really a bunch of little guns. Or you can have a company called A&H (Animals and Handguns) and get all animals and handguns copyrighted (mad money) and it leaves you with endless artistic ideas. Or you can even switch it up and make handguns represent art in some way. Instead of shooting bullets, it shoots: words, music, paint, ideas, dreams, or food.

    I got your marketing scheme too:
    Someone: Why handguns?
    You: Handguns are powerful and dangerous like an idea or dream when the trigger is pulled and followed through.

    Okay. I'm done. I was just giving some ideas. You may not like any of them, but an artist sometimes needs a wild random idea/ perspective to further their artwork. Have a nice life! And Good Luck!

  2. i get what your saying and besides the "Penguins&Handguns" all the ideas you gave were great lol (sounds a bit kidish), but if i was to follow through and name the line Pandas & Handguns or one an idea that you proposed the brand wouldn't feel ass personal to me (seeing as how they're someone else's idea) as it does now. However, it seems you have a pretty dope thought process when it comes to creativity and your right about those random ideas; they gave me some ways i can further define the meaning of D&H. I really appreciate your insight and the fact that you peeped or have peep the blog on the regular and i hope your looking forward to the release of the line, which is hopefully soon.